Spirit Medicine
Etw wc spirit medicine
Prerequisite The Warpath Campaign

Riding the Winds

Research Points Needed
Building Needed Spiritual Circle
Leads To Dreamwalking
Stream Mystic, Native
Spirit Medicine is a Technology in Empire: Total War.


Spirit medicine increases unit morale by protecting warriors from evil spirits.

Spirits are in everything: they affect the lives of men for both good and evil. A warrior needs constant protection from the ill will of evil spirits and enemies. This is provided by a shaman who communes with the spirits. The efforts of a shaman can increase individual unit morale by helping them discover their spirit medicine.

Each native tribe had its own system of beliefs, the common theme being a belief in the spirits of the earth. Many tribes sought knowledge and power by embarking on vision quests, presided over by shamans. They sought spirit medicine, and this usually took the form of birds and animals that present themselves in times of need.