Spirit of the Forest
Etw wc spirit of the forest
Prerequisite The Warpath Campaign DLC

Call of the Wild

Research Points Needed
Building Needed Ancestral Grounds
Leads To None
Stream Mystic, Native
  • +20% Wealth generated by farms
  • Enables building of Sweat Lodge
Spirit of the Forest is a Technology in Empire: Total War.


The Spirit improves any bonuses already gained from the Call of the Wild.

By making the correct offerings to the Spirit of the Forest, a tribe can establish a link with the Creator, and so gain access to more of the Earth's bounty. Untouched woodlands and fields can yield just as much worth as worked farmland, because the spirits are at peace.

Animal spirits played a key role in tribal religious beliefs, and some were thought to have negative effects. The Apache believed that some animals contained the ghosts of witches and other restless spirits; owls, bears, snakes, and coyotes were the keepers of such ghosts. Coyotes also played the role of tricksters in Apache religion, and featured heavily in their beliefs about the world's creation. Shamans who had power and control over coyotes were held in high regard as they had the ability to cure the illnesses that these malevolent spirits could cause.