For the faction leader, see Sun Jian.

Sun Jian leads his own faction in Total War: Three Kingdoms.

The game begins with Sun Jian north of the Yangtze River in Jiangling: he's away from home and deep within enemy territory, although that's nothing new to him. He must continue his journey southwards back to his family and begin building his base of power. Once there, his main focus in the short term is fighting against the Han Empire in the south and fortifying his stronghold in Changsha.

Sun Jian's ultimate goal is to build a larger realm in the south/center of China, forming the Kingdom of Wu, and then pushing north even further to unite all of China under his rule.

Early Game Edit

Sun Jian Map

"Sun Jian has never shied away from opportunity - and despite his loyalties, the fall of the imperial court presents great opportunity. As a young man, Sun Jian rose from the obscurity of his mercantile upbringing learning the deeds of his father that fortune must be seized - never expected. Since then, he has always led at the head of the charge, earning the epithet 'The Vanguard General'. It is this determined spirit that drives the Tiger of Jiangdong forward; may his roar sweep all obstacles away!"

Unique Features Edit

  • Mercenary Captain Retinues
  • Mercenary Archers
    Sun Jian Unique Units

    Sun Jian Unique Units

  • Mercenary Infantry
  • Mercenary Calvary
  • Mercenary Outpost (Economic building chain)
  • Grants access to mercenaries
    • +Income from commerce
    • +Replenishment

Faction's Unique Resource: Heroism Edit

  • Decreases unit recruitment and upkeep cost
  • Increases the satisfaction of characters
  • Heroism is gained from inflicting more casualties than the enemy
  • Playstyle focus: Expansion

Noteworthy Characters Edit

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