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Sweden Monarchy

Flag of Sweden under a Monarchy

Sweden Republic

Flag of Sweden under a Republic

Sweden is a major faction in Empire: Total War.


Sweden dominates Scandinavia and the Baltic, a Northern European empire that is the legacy of the incomparable warrior-king, Gustavus II Adolphus. Even though he died in battle at Luetzen in 1632, the army that he created helped Sweden profit from the seemingly endless religious struggles of the Thirty Years War. The nation emerged from that conflict immeasurably stronger in military terms, and able to invade its Baltic neighbours at will. This military power did, however, cost money and Swedish lives. Neither of these commodities are available in abundance, and prudent stewardship has been necessary too. Charles XI, however, has left an impressive arsenal in place for his son, should he wish to take up the sword; and Charles XII has an obsessive interest in soldiering.

As the new century dawns, Sweden is a strong, aggressive state, surrounded by jealous rivals from whom she has taken territory in the last hundred years. To the east, the Russians would like unhindered access to the Baltic, and therefore Western Europe beyond. To the south, Poland-Lithuania wants its lost lands back. To the west, the other Scandinavian nations want independence or an end to Swedish domination of the Baltic.

In all these potential threats, however, lurk opportunities for those bold enough to seize the chance. Individually, Sweden’s rivals are not quite as threatening as they might appear: Russia is huge, that much is true, but incredibly backwards. There is no reason why the Baltic, as a Swedish “Mare Nostrum”, cannot become the basis of a new Northern, Protestant empire. Sweden’s armies are the equal of any in Europe, and her navy is not without resources and skill. With a home empire secured, who is to say that an overseas empire cannot be taken and held too?

General InformationEdit

Victory ConditionsEdit

Short Campaign

Capture and hold 15 regions by the end of the year 1750, including: Brandenburg, Norway, Poland, Muscovy, Sweden, Denmark, and Ingria

Long Campaign

Capture and hold 25 regions by the end of the year 1799, including: Brandenburg, Norway, Poland, Muscovy, Sweden, Denmark, Ingria, Courland, and Karelia.

World Domination

Capture and hold 40 regions by the end of the year 1799, including: Sweden.

Basics at startEdit

  • Protectorates – None
  • Allies – None
  • Trade PartnersGreat Britain, France
  • EnemiesBarbary States, Pirates
  • Religion – Protestant
  • Government – Absolute Monarchy
  • Ruler – Karl XII (King)
  • Population – 2,756,923
  • Prosperity – Moderate
  • Prestige – Weak
  • Treasury – 7000
  • Technology - None
  • Missionaries – Thor Sjoland (Finland)
  • Rakes – Lars Gathenhielm (Ingria)
  • Gentlemen – Christopher Polhem (Sweden)

Europe TheatreEdit

Stockholm, SwedenEdit
  • Starting Buildings – Barracks, Governor’s Palace, Conservatorium, Cannon Foundry, Settlement Fortifications
  • Infrastructure - Basic Roads
  • Population – 1,847,230
  • Wealth – 6864
  • Religion – Protestantism 95.0%, Animism 5.0%
  • Starting Towns/PortsFagersta Mines (Iron Mine), Vara Farmland (Not Developed), Kristineberg Mines (Silver Mine), Karlstad Forests (Logging Camp), Sundsvall (Logging Camp), Rovaniemi Trapper Posts (Fur Trader), Malmö (Trading Port), Gothenburg (Craft Workshops Smiths), Linköping (Craft Workshops Weavers), Uppsala (School), Karlstad (Coaching Inn), Visby (Fishing Fleet)
  • Later Villages/PortsLuleå (Village), Umeå (Port)
St. Petersburg, IngriaEdit
  • Starting Buildings – Army Encampment, Magistrate
  • Infrastructure - Basic Roads
  • Population – 90,994
  • Wealth – 1375
  • Religion – Protestantism 30.0%, Orthodox 60.0%, Catholicism 10.0%
  • Starting Towns/PortsNaziya Farmland (Not Developed), Kingisepp Forests (Logging Camp), Staraya Ladoga (Shipyard)
  • Later Villages/PortsKonstradt (Port), Luga (Village)
Abo, FinlandEdit
  • Starting Buildings – Magistrate
  • Infrastructure – Not Developed
  • Population – 416,251
  • Wealth – 1664
  • Religion – Protestantism 90.0%, Animism 10.0%
  • Starting Towns/PortsPyhasalmi Mines (Not Developed), Kokkola Forests (Logging Camp), Lieska Trapper Post (Fur Trader), Vasa (Craft Workshop Smiths)
  • Later Villages/PortsHelsingfors (Port), Uleaborg (Village)
Riga, Estonia & LivoniaEdit
  • Starting Building – Governor’s Residence, Settlement Fortifications
  • Infrastructure – Basic Roads
  • Population – 402,448
  • Wealth – 1150
  • Religion – Protestantism 95.0%, Catholicism 5.0%
  • Starting Towns/PortsVidzeme Farmland (Peasant Farms), Narva (Coaching Inn), Reval (Craft Workshop Weavers)
  • Later Villages/PortsParnu (Port)

Unit RosterEdit

Sweden's roster is almost identical to the standard European roster. It does have some pretty good line infantry as a whole (though its default line infantry are thoroughly average), and, uniquely for a major faction, enjoy a 25-33% (depending on unit type) regiment size boost for almost all cavalry regiments (although they have correspondingly higher recruitment and upkeep costs). Along with Prussia, Sweden is one of the only factions that can recruit Superior Line Infantry. Additionally, it can deploy the Hakkapeliita, armored early cavalry with unusually good defensive stats. It has a standard artillery and naval roster, with no strengths or weaknesses to speak of in this regard.

Sweden is the only playable faction in the game to not receive any units from any downloadable content.


Sweden begins the game blessed with a strong starting army, an above average navy, and wealthy, large regions. However, it is diplomatically rather isolated: historically friendly factions include Great Britain, France, and the Ottoman Empire--all too far away initially to be of much help. On the other hand, Sweden is surrounded by historical enemies: Denmark to the West, Russia to the East and Prussia and Poland-Lithuania in the South. In particular, Russia, Poland-Lithuania, and Denmark are all allied in an anti-Swedish coalition, and declaring war on one is tantamount to inviting a three-front war. Sweden cannot afford to maintain a protracted war with any of these nations. As a result, Sweden must make her military campaigns quick and decisive. While Sweden herself is difficult to invade, her territories outside of Scandinavia are much more easily taken. Sweden must pick her battles carefully and end them decisively if she is to survive and thrive.


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