Takeda Mon
Takeda Clan Mon
Daimyō Takeda Shingen
Color Black/Crimson
Playable Yes
Appears in Grand Campaign
Emerges in Kai
Bonuses Cavalry
The Takeda Clan are a major playable faction in Total War: Shogun 2. The Takeda Clan are renowned for their bajutsu, horseman skill. They start at Kai province, in central Japan.

Faction Select descriptionEdit

Takeda men are almost born in the saddle, and they are rightly respected for their mastery of horses and cavalry warfare. Under their daimyo, Takeda Shingen, the clan have opportunities and threats on all sides. They have fought off repeated invasions from the neighboring Shinano province, and battled against the Hojo and Imagawa clans. This has made them formidable warriors. As a result, the Takeda clan recruit and train cavalry much more efficiently than other clans. They can also produce a superior class of horsemen to anyone else. It may be those horsemen who carry the Takeda daimyo to the shogunate!

In-game Encyclopedia descriptionEdit

Takeda warlords have ruled Kai, their home province, since the 12th Century, but they have known little peace. Clan infighting, a long series of struggles against repeated invasions from the neighbouring Shinano province, and wars against the Hojo and Imagawa clans, saw to that. They have, however, mastered diplomacy as well as horses, and have achieved peace on occasions. Now, under their daimyo, Takeda Shingen, the clan have opportunities and threats on all sides. A Murakami army is about to invade Kai from northern Shinano; the Kiso clan from beyond the mountains in Shinano, is at peace with the Takeda. Shinano itself, if its current owners are destroyed, has valuable stone resources for the taking. To the east, in Musashi, the Ogigayatsu clan are also peaceful, as are the Hojo of Sagami and Izu provinces. Sagami must be considered a tempting target for an ambitious warlord, thanks to the skilled smiths who live there. To the south the Imagawa clan have recently been reliable allies. The Takeda clan, then, have enemies, worthwhile prizes to aim for, and worthy allies. Not all clans are so blessed! As might be expected of horse-masters, the Takeda clan can recruit and train cavalry much more efficiently than other clans. They can also produce a superior class of horsemen to anyone else. And it may be those horsemen who carry the Takeda daimyo to the shogunate!

Clan TraitsEdit

  • Improved morale for cavalry.
  • Reduced recruitment costs and upkeep for all cavalry.
  • Can recruit superior cavalry.

Initial InformationEdit

  • Generals – Takeda Shingen (Daimyo) and Takeda Nobushige (General as well as brother to Daimyo)
  • Admirals – None
  • ReligionBuddhism or Shinto
  • Protectorates
  • AlliesImagawa Clan
  • Trade PartnersHojo clan
  • At WarMurakami Clan
  • Military Units – 
  • Navy Ships – None
  • Agents – Ninja Assassins
  • Treasury – 2000



First Army – 1 Light Cavalry, 1 Yari Samurai, 1 Yari Ashigaru, 1 Bow Ashigaru.
Second Army

Victory Conditions Short CampaignEdit

Become Shogun by capturing and holding Kyoto. Capture and hold 25 provinces including the following Echigo, Hida, Kai, North Shinano, South Shinano, Kyoto. Complete by the end of winter 1575.

Victory Conditions Long CampaignEdit

General InformationEdit

The Takeda clan begins the campaign with the province of Kai. Kai has average soil but also warhorses as a resource, a very valuable resource for making trade agreements. Kai also starts with stables, giving the Takeda immediate access to light cavalry.

The Takeda have four neighbors: the Imagawa Clan to the south-west, the Hojo Clan to the south, the Ogigayatsu Clan to the south-east, and the Murakami Clan to the north. Both the Imagawa and Hojo are initially friendly to the Takeda clan (the Imagawa are initially allied to the Takeda), but the Murakami begin the campaign at war with the Takeda. The Takeda have good expansion opportunities in every direction: the Imagawa and Hojo both have valuable provinces worth declaring war over.

The Takeda Clan's military traits are formidable: their cavalry are cheaper to train and maintain, and also considerably stronger. The Takeda have one unique unit, the Takeda Fire Cavalry, which are among the best cavalry in Total War: Shogun 2.

The Takeda family tree is excellent, with the daimyo, Takeda Shingen, possessing the powerful "Bloodthirsty" trait, reducing the morale of nearby enemies. At age 24, Takeda Shingen is fairly young and therefore can play a major role throughout the majority of the campaign. Takeda Shingen also has a 9-year old son who can come of age fairly early into the campaign, as well as a daughter he can marry off to cement alliances or trade agreements. Shingen also has two brothers, one of whom is the secondary general and another who is close to coming of age.

When controlled by the A.I, the Takeda clan tends to become one of the strongest factions.



Shogun 2 Takeda Intro

Shogun 2 Takeda Intro

Takeda Intro

Shogun 2 Takeda Death

Shogun 2 Takeda Death

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