For the faction of the same name, see Tanegashima (Faction).

Tanegashima is a province in Fall of the Samurai.


Tanegashima is an island of the coast of the province of Osumi in Kyushu. It is famous for the manufacture of scissors, knives, and other edged tools, including many small precision pieces ideal for the care of Bonsai trees. After Fernao Mendes Pinto, the Portuguese explorer, introduced guns to Japan, they were manufactured on Tanegashima from 1542. In fact, guns were colloquially known as "Tanega-shima" for many years due to the belief that they were first manufactured there and not in foreign parts.

General InformationEdit

  • Clan: Tanegashima
  • Port: Harbour
  • Fertility: Meagre
  • Specialty/Resource: None

Located to the far south-west of the campaign map, Tanegashima is a mediocre province, with meagre soil and no specialty/resource. This, combined with its remoteness, make it a largely unimportant province.

The eponymous clan that owns Tanegashima begins the campaign allied to the Satsuma domain, but may betray the Satsuma, in which case Satsuma players may find invading Tanegashima to secure its home seas and island to be a worthy endeavor.

As a small island, Tanegashima has no neighbors, but it is close to Satsuma and Osumi to the north.

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