The Tarascans on the ingame faction selection screen

The Tarascans are a faction in Medieval II Total War: Kingdoms Americas campaign. They share most of their units with the Aztecs, some of which are just renamed and recoloured variants. Their only unique unit is the Priests of Quetzalcoatl, which they also share with the Tlaxcalans. They are normaly unplayable, but can be unlocked if you complete the campaign. They worship the Sun God as their religion.

The Tarascan people have a bloody past, something they share with others who have had contact with the warmongening Aztecs. Having been at war with the Aztecs for over a hundred years, the Tarascans have fortified their common border, preventing the Aztecs from moving into Tarascan lands. However, things are now changing. The Aztecs, in fear of a great calamnity, have been repeatedly raiding Tarascan lands in search of sacrifices to quench the thirst of their gods. Under the wise leadership of Tangaxuan II, the Tarascans have begun to rapidly increase their military forces. They are all to aware that the Aztecs will soon atempt to invade their country and capture them all for blood sacrifice.

Tarascan Priests of Quetzalcoatl2

The Priests of Quetzalcoatl

They must also contend with the fierce Chichimec tribes to the north. Pushing north to claim much needed land would mean dealing with these fierce nomadic warriors, along with the Aztecs. Beyond their local enemies, a new menace emerges. Strange new people have been reported near the Tlaxcalans to the east of the Aztecs. Will they also bring violence and bloodshed to the Tarascans?

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