The Teutonic Order
Leader Hochmeister Gunther the Chivalrous
Religion Catholic
Appears in Teutonic campaign

The Teutonic Order are a playable faction in the Teutonic Campaign in the Kingdoms expansion for Medieval II: Total War.


The Teutonic Order is a new faction in Medieval II Total War: Kingdoms and is a Medium-difficulty faction to play in the new Teutonic campaign. The Teutonic order are ruthless and are a threat not only to the Pagans but to the other countries also. It has a divided empire that can be reunited quickly, and can blitz Lithuania, however later in the game it will find itself surrounded and having no Allies. In general preperation must be made for this period of time in advance so that the player can withstand the might of every other faction attacking him/her. The Teutonic Order has very powerful units, both in terms of backbone and elite. They can field order spearmen and Ritterbrüders and the mangonel. Also the order has a disadvantage that it can build only castles, cities are forbidden to them. Their faction leader is picked based on authority, the most authoritive is picked and becomes leader. Crusading nobles, drawn to the conflict against Paganism in search of fame and glory, will request the assistance of the Teutonic Order in return for donations to the Order's coffers. The size of the donation varies depending on the nobles' successes. The Lithuanian leader will be rewarded by his council of nobles in the event that he should manage to kill any of these crusaders. Due to the unique nature of the Teutonic Order, it lacks a family tree - thus leaving princesses and certain diplomatic options closed to them but making the faction less vulnerable to assassins. Instead it is lead by a Hochmeister, who, upon death, will be replaced by the most able General among the order's ranks. Finally, the Order's best units can only be recruited in heavily Catholic areas. Recruiting units such as Christ Knights, Halbbruder and Ritterbruder thus requires an extremely high percentage of Catholics to be present in Teutonic-controlled regions. The Teutonic Order starts out in the Baltic coast in the area now occupied by the countries of Latvia, Estonia, and Russia.



Victory ConditionsEdit


Hold 45 regions, including: Visby, Vilnius, Novgorod, Kiev, Poznan.

Eliminate factions: Lithuania.


Hold 35 regions, including: Visby, Vilnius, Novgorod, Kiev, Poznan.

Eliminate factions: Lithuania.


Tuetonic Order 01

The knights of the Teutonic Order

Tuetonic Order 02

The Order's foot knights go into battle.