The Tlaxcalans on the ingame faction selection screen

The Tlaxcalans are a faction in Medieval II Total War: Kingdoms Americas campaign. They share most of their units with the Aztecs, some of which are just renamed and recoloured variants. Their only unique units are the Priests of Quetzalcoatl, which they also share with the Tarascans, and the Tlaxcalan Mercenaries. They are normaly unplayable, but can be unlocked if you complete the campaign. They worship the Sun God as their religion.

The recent history of the Tlaxcalans is one of hatred and bloodshed. With the missfortune of having the beligerent and powerful Aztecs as neighbours, the Tlaxcalans have been in a state of war for the last hundred years. These so called "flowery wars" are little more than the Aztecs harvesting able-bodied Tlaxcalan warriors for their sacrificial altars. Only the fear of becoming weakened and vulnerable to other nearby enemies has kept the Aztecs from total invasion. This fear is now fading as the Aztecs increase in power, thrusting the Tlaxcalan army into a constant state of alert.

The Tlaxcalans' current leader, Maxixcatzin, gathers his armies togheter in preparation to fight back to secure more teritory and liberate his people from the cruel overlordship of the Aztecs. Alerted by the curent crisis inspired by alarming potents gripping the Aztec Empire, the Tlaxcalans brace themselves for an Aztec onslaught.

Tlaxcalan Priests of Quetzalcoatl2

The Priests of Quetzalcoatl

A new development has brought a suprising shift in the balance of power. Strange, new men dressed in metal, who ride deer-like creatures and weild fearsome, new weapons have been encountered. Could these people be convinced to help in the fight against the hated Aztecs, or will they too attack the Tlaxcalans?
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