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Thrace is a non-playable faction in Rome: Total War. Thrace can be made playable by simple modifications to the game's files. Thrace, which encompasses modern-day northern Bulgaria, north-east Greece, eastern Serbia and eastern Macedonia, is an area of land and a civilization of significance.

In the game, it is in the center of action between Roman Italy, Greece and the eastern portion of Asia Minor. They have a limited selection of units, however. Thrace has a prime starting position between Europe and Asia Minor and an equally interesting selection of units.

With a mixture of Greek phalanx and barbarian infantry, the Thracians can muster a small, but good, variety of units. Their cavalry is also rather basic, but the player can combine them together to win the day.

Thrace starts on the western coast of the Black Sea.

Their cities are:

  • Tylis: Thracian Large Town; Region - Thrace
  • Campus Getae: Thracian Large Town; Region - Tribus Getae

This faction can be considered to be a hybrid of a civislised and a barbarian faction. They build greek style building, can construct up huge cities and can utilise artillery. However, they have a large amount of barbarian infantry and their bodybuards, when upgraded, resemble a barbarian warlord's bodyguard unit.

The unique Thracian unit is the Bastarnae, warriors with 2 HP and much fighting prowess.

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Thracian Units.