Thrones of Britannia is a strategy computer game developed by The Creative Assembly and published by Sega. It is the first game in the Total War Saga sub-series. It was announced on November 14, 2017. It was released on 3rd May 2018. It is set in the British isles, the campaign starts in 878 AD and there is no set end-date, though the content in the game covers up to around 1066.[1]

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Irish Edit

  • Ulaid
  • Airgialla
  • Aileach
  • Breifne
  • Brega
  • Connacht
  • Laigin
  • Osraige
  • Tuadmuma
  • Tarmuma
  • Desmuma
  • Caisil
  • Myrrborg
  • Hlymrekr

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