A timeline of history as represented in Total War: Three Kingdoms, according to the history records. Noted the course of events after the game beginning (190 AD) is subjected to the game progression created by the player.


  • 206 BC: Qin dynasty fell from power and Han Dynasty was established.
  • 142 AD: Liu Biao was born.
  • 155 AD: Cao Cao was born. Sun Jian was born.
  • 156 AD: Ma Teng was born.
  • 160 AD: Guan Yu was born.
  • 161 AD: Liu Bei was born.
  • 168 AD: Zhang Fei was born.
  • 175 AD: Sun Ce, son of Sun Jian was born.
  • 181 AD: Emperor Xian (Liu Xie), the last emperor of the Han Empire, was born.
  • 182 AD: Sun Quan, son of Sun Jian was born.
  • 184 AD: The uprising of Yellow Turban Rebellion broke out.
  • 185 AD: The major forces of Yellow Turbans was suppressed by the Han Empire, however pockets of resistance continued and smaller new rebellions were started in later years.
  • 189 AD: Emperor Xian (Liu Xie) enthroned the court. However his power is manipulated by the warlord Dong Zhuo as the chancellor of Han state.
  • 190 AD: Game begins.
  • 205 AD: Yellow Turbans was fully suppressed.
  • 220 AD: Three major powers are established on the Chinese mainland, thus the Three Kingdoms period officially began.
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