Welcome, to the Total War Wiki!

This is the current wikia featuring information on the Creative Assembly's popular Total War series.

The Total War wiki is a good place for a big fan of the game seris to be as it will feature strategies, hints and tips for players, along with the historical aspects and eras featured within the game. Currently, the wikia is lacking work and many contributors will be needed. Hopefully, the wiki will be able to be fully active again.

What is a Wiki?

Wikis are free web hosting services that anyone can edit, not just administrators or members. Wikis are best used for shared knowledge-base type documents. An example of a well known wiki is the site, Wikipedia. Interested? Then you should sign up as a member for it's simple and free. Just scroll to the top of the page and select the log in link to set a username and password. To edit a page you can scroll up, select "Edit", and then add some text.


Do not use defamatory words or vandalize articles that the wikia community has worked to create. The wiki allows anyone to revert any article back to the original state, insuring no permanent harm is done to the wiki. Continuous defacing of pages will ban the offender's username or their IP address.