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A Total War Saga: Troy introduces a novel multi-resource economy that is based around five raw resources- food, wood, stone, bronze and gold. As standardised currency is yet to be established globally, all economies are based around local production and bartering. The player must manage and balance these five raw resources in their campaign.

Local production from minor settlements will be the primary sources of income. The resources which the player lacks, they will have to trade for. Resources can also be obtained from raiding, sacking and winning battles. This can be boost to the player's economy for a few turns, but is unreliable for sustaining a strong economy.


Food is the most basic resource and is gathered from farm settlements. It is vital to growing the population and training new troops, as well as sustaining them.


Wood is used to build any structures and is essential for the development of infrastructure. It is gathered from forestry settlements.


Stone is gathered from quarry settlements and is used to construct more advanced buildings.


Bronze is required to equip and maintain better quality troops. Bronze will be produced from forge settlements.


Gold is the most rarest resource, required to build special building and train the most elite troops. It's collected from mining settlements. The amount of gold available depends on the quality of the mine and size of the local deposits. Once they are depleted and mines will only produced a trickle of gold per turn.