Traits are a mechanic in the Total War games that give bonus/buffs for characters or factions. A character's traits are displayed on the character's summary screen.

Total War Saga: Thrones of BritanniaEdit

Traits in Thrones of Britannia depict the story of each character; their upbringing, their personality and the events that have occurred in their lifetime. Each trait group is represented by a banner, with all effects of the traits within listed underneath. Clicking on a banner will list all traits within that group, giving a detailed account of the noble's qualities.

Total War: Three KingdomsEdit

Main article: Traits (Total War: Three Kingdoms)

Traits in Total War: Three Kingdoms indicates character's personality. Hitherto undiscovered qualities develop over time, revealing themselves as experience is gained. But the starting traits will always remain the same. Traits have significant effects on a character's capabilities, their opinion of others and behavior.

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