Attack: 7

TotalWarRomanPikemen 01

Missile Attack: N/A

Defense: 17

Abilities: Bonus fighting cavalry, good morale, can sap.

The Triarii were from the wealthy families of Rome. The cream of the Roman legion, they were mainly made up of men approaching middle age. These hardened veterans were literally the toughest infantry you could find in the ancient world. The triarii, behind the other two lines of infantry, were not always required to go into battle, but when they did, their enemies had reason to be worried. These men carried a long thrusting spear and a sword. Being richer, they could also afford better equipment. There were also less of them than of the other two lines. They were the third battle line in the typical Pre-Marian strategy, and the phrase 'Going to the Triarii' comes from that.
34 roman infantry triarii screen

The Triarii.