Unit is the smallest controllable entity on the battlefield in Total War. In earlier total war games, a unit is a group of men or women formed into a regiment. Later games introduced individual Hero units. A unit is often made up by many individual soldiers called Retinue, or sometimes a single entity called Hero, or combination of both.


Each unit is directly controlled by the player. The unit of multiple entities such as retinue will response to player's input uniformly and entities inside one unit will share the same orders, strength, effects, status and allegiance. Units are represented on the user interface by Unit cards.

One or more units may be selected at any time. Then orders are issued to all selected units.

Banners or Unit icons are displayed above units on the battlefield and indicate the unit's type, strength and allegiance.

Most of units have active and passive abilities.

Battle statisticsEdit


Most of units have active and passive abilities. Abilities can be actived by clicking the ability buttons on user interface. abilities often have cool-downs.


Units may have their own attributes especially Heroes. Hero units' attributes are often more sophisticated and has effects on both battle and campaign.

In Total War: Three Kingdoms, a hero's attributes are dictated by the Wu

Type / ClassEdit

A unit's type or class broadly defines its capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. Retinues are divide into types while heroes are typically divided into Hero class.

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