Unit is the smallest controllable entity on the battlefield in Total War.

For the list of units in Three Kingdoms see Category:Total War: Three Kingdoms units

Overview[edit | edit source]

A single organised body of soldiers, armed and armoured identically, is known as a unit. In the campaign, units are recruited into army retinues and cost upkeep each turn to maintain.

In battle, the soldiers in each unit move and fight together, responding to orders as a single entity, and have a single combined morale rating which rises or falls according to the unit’s circumstances in the heat of battle. Units also suffer fatigue over time according to the orders they are given in battle, reducing their movement speed and effectiveness in combat.

In battle, units have a front, a flank and a rear. All units fight most effectively and gain the most defence against enemy weapons in the front. Units attacked in the flank and rear will fight less effectively in those directions, will take a greater deal of damage, will gain no bonus from their shields if they are so equipped, and will suffer extra morale penalties.

Units gather experience through battle, and their characteristics improve in line with their rise in rank. You can check a unit’s specific characteristics by selecting the unit in campaign or battle, and viewing the unit info panel on the left of the screen.

Unit recruitment[edit | edit source]

Three Kingdoms introduces retinue mechanics that the methods of recruiting is different than that found in older titles. For more information on it, see Retinue Recruitment.

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