The Venedians are a playable faction in Total War: Attila. They belong to the Slavic Culture Pack DLC.

Overview Edit

The Venedians are the fathers of Slavic Europe, and neither the desperation of others, nor the rage of fate itself will shake their pre-eminence!

The true origins of the tribe are shrouded in confusion - the Roman historian Strabo first refers to them as the 'Vennones' tribe of the northern Alps, around Lake Constance, near the turn of the 1st century AD. Pliny the Elder also mentions them, but as inhabitants of the Baltic coastal regions. Ptolemy, writing several decades later, talks about the Venedians from eastern Europe, incorrectly classifying them as a Germanic people. All these locations are a far cry from where they eventually settled. With typical Roman snobbish arrogance, Ptolemy described their squalid living conditions and their "repulsive" appearance due to intermarriage with peoples such as the Sarmatians. Despite these scathing remarks, the Venedians endured and by late antiquity had become so populous that they had branched into two separate groups; Eastern Roman scholars make specific mention of the Venedians as the progenitors of the other Slavic peoples.

As the fathers of the Slavs, they are considered a guiding light in the gloom of the upcoming 5th century AD. However, the path ahead will not be easy - Huns, Romans and barbarians all encroach on rightful Venedian lands. Yet if they can hold their nerve, and never cower to the mighty or the desperate, they may rise to inherit the world beyond!

Faction TraitsEdit

Cultural TraitsEdit

Hardy WarriorsEdit

"Born of the frozen north, the Slavs are masters of agriculture and dogged, determined enemies."

  • Attrition: Immune to snow attrition
  • No colonisation cost
  • Construction cost: -50% for main settlement buildings

Faction TraitsEdit

In Touch with the GroundEdit

"Gifted vast expanses of land by the gods of earth and sky, and highly adept at working the soil."

  • Income: -50% from commerce, industry & culture
  • Income: +100% from farms
  • Venedi farms: Farms do not have any negative effects (squalor or public order)

Unit RosterEdit

Melee Infantry Slavic AmbushersSlavic Axe LevySlavic Axe WarriorsSlavic AxemenSlavic ChampionsFollowers of VelesPerun's AxesPerun's ChampionsVeles' ChosenWarlord's GuardSlavic Warriors
Spear Infantry Chosen ShieldsSlavic Large ShieldsSlavic Levy SpearmenSlavic Noble SpearmenSlavic Spearmen
Missile Infantry Slavic ArchersSlavic HuntersSlavic Levy ArchersSlavic Levy SkirmishersSlavic Noble SkirmishersSlavic Skirmishers

Missile Cavalry Slavic Horse RaidersSlavic RaidersSvarog's Raiders
Siege Artillery OnagerBastion Onager

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