HolFourthCrusade 01

The three banner-toting knights shown on the Greek peninsula (Thrace) stretching out toward Constantinople represent the armies of the Fourth Crusade on a map entering Byzantine territory. They can be seen easily here from the Byzantine player's viewpoint, and their respective positions.

The Fourth Crusade is the nickname given to the Venice faction of Medieval 2: Total War Kingdoms in the Crusades Campaign.

As the Fourth Crusade is called on Byzantium, a 'Crusaders near Constantinople' message will flash to the Byzantine player, warning them that "The Fourth Crusade, along with their Venetian allies led by Doge Enrico Dandola, have disembarked outside Constantinople to help restore Isaac II as the emperor of Byzantium. With the great city of Constantinople fixed sorely in their sights, the Byzantine Empire must hastily prepare to defend its precious jewel from these rogue Crusaders."

The Fourth Crusade is likely to occupy Constantinople, and if they do not make peace with the Byzantine Empire, they may continue to attack Nicaea or other Anatolian cities of the Byzantine Empire. If you are another faction, you may want to keep an eye on their expansion, as they may conquer the Byzantines and the rebel settlements in Asia Minor.

Gameplay during the Fourth Crusade Edit

Around roughly turn seventeen, the Fourth Crusade will arrive in the land west of Constantinople. Usually they will have three mid-to-full stacks, consisting of: