Soldiers: 18

TotalWarParthianWarElephants 01

Attack: 7 (Elephant) 10 (Bow)

Charge Bonus: 11

Weapon Type: Melee/Missile

Total Defense: 16

Armour: 0

Defense Skill: 4

Shield: 0

Hit Points: 15

Recruitment Cost: 2410

Upkeep: 490

Morale: 8

Abilities: Special attack, bonus fighting cavalry, good morale, cannot hide, terrorizes enemy, elephants may run amok.

Ammunition: 60

Not a very creative name, but these units of Parthia do not need it. Larger and tougher than normal elephants, War Elephants are so dangerous that Hannibal armed their mahouts with spikes to drive into their skulls in case the elephant ever tried to run towards their own lines- the devastation it would cause was simply not worth risking. If you go up against these beasts, you absolutely must have a good counter, or you are doomed. The animals can carry archers. No unit, not even the ferocious Cataphracts, can match the sheer power and shock of an Elephant charge combined with the ability to engage in ranged combat. War Elephants are an unstoppable unit in Parthian armies, the ancient equivalent to a tank. They are extremely hard to slay by the few men who have the courage to face them. Their high recruitment fees and upkeep costs will limit their numbers. However, combined with the Cataphracts and Horse Archers, they excel and may even help solve the problem of lack of siege weapons against smaller enemy settlements and cities.
TotalWarParthianWarElephants 02

Parthian War Elephants preparing for battle.

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