The Western Roman Empire was a very large empire with its capital based in Rome, Italy, ruled by an emperor. The Western Roman Empire is one of the playable factions in Rome Total War: Barbarian Invasion. By time of Barbarian Invasion, Rome has split into two separate empires. The Western Roman Empire maintains Rome and is the larger, but poorer part of the old Empire. It is most at risk from the oncoming Barbarian Hordes. However, all is not lost. The West can still field an impressive army, and a skilled player can bring the Empire to new heights - including reunification with the East. The West is on a steady decline, and many barbarians have joined the ranks of the armies. A western Roman player's greatest challenge is holding the remnants together, while trying to fend off other powers. However, they still have the powerful armies that one would expect.

001Western Roman Empire Flag 01

The flag adopted by the Western portion of the Roman Empire

Many European countries are on land that was once part of the Western Roman Empire, including England, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Germany, Egypt, and the north coast of Africa. The language of the Western Roman Empire is Latin. Many emperors have absolute control, and can do as they pleased. When the emperor died, his favorite friend whom he had adopted as a son often became the next emperor, since many of them never had sons of their own. After a while, the emperors grew so weak that the military would just pick one of their generals to be the next emperor.

After Theodosius I ended his reign as emperor in 395, he divided the Roman empire, giving the eastern half to his son Arcadius (395-408), while the Western part was given to his second son, Honorius (395-423). Stability was not achieved for long in either half, as the conflicts with outside forces intensified.

After the division of the Roman Empire, the Western Empire immediately began a long and painful decline. Repeated invasions and assimilations of barbarian tribes greatly weakened the Empire's finances and cultural stability. The army was becoming less and less professional and more and more a mixture of poorly equipped and trained barbarians and Romans. Under the constant pressure of foreign invaders, the Empire's infrastructure collapsed, ending the life of the Western Roman Empire for good. Their strength will lie in their heavy infantry; the legions may not be what they used to be, but they've still got the potential to win Rome many great battles. Like the Eastern Roman Empire, the West will start with a large number of provinces, but it will also be afflicted with instability within its borders.

The Western Roman Empire (like her sister) has large amounts of christians in most settlements but some have Pagan buildings. However, unlike her sister some cities actually have a Pagan majority, but this is only for a handful. This campaign is the only one classed as hard.

The Western Roman Empire possesses strong infantry, but some cavalry limitations. Not all Western military units are pure Roman as they were in the times of the Roman Republic, but instead are filled with barbarians. Famous Roman Generals at that time were almost all Romanized barbarian. The most famous of all was Aetius, remembered for his victory against Attila at the battle of Chalons in 451.

The Western Empire is on the verge of collapse, assaulted repeatedly by most Germanic factions, and later the steppe and Hun factions. It is crippled by civil wars, religious strife, and economic collapse further confounded by the dilution of its military.


Map of the Western Roman Empire (in red) after the division.

The Western Roman Empire, less urbanized and less densely populated, also experienced an economic decline throughout the late empire. The East was not so destitute, as Emperors like Constantine the Great and Constantius II had invested heavily in the eastern economy.

At the beginning of the game, the Western Roman Empire ranges from the British Isles in the north to the deserts of Africa in the south. It is the largest faction in the game, controlling Italy, Gaul, Illyria, Pannonia, Britain, Spain and a small part of North Africa. The Empire borders the Celts in the north, the Franks and Alemanni in the northeast, the Eastern Roman Empire in the east and the Berbers in the south.

The Western Roman Empire was taken over several times by the barbarians, notably in 410 C.E. when the Goths sacked the city of Rome, followed by the Vandals in 455 C.E. The last Western Roman emperor, Romulus Augustulus, was deposed in 476 C.E. The Eastern Roman Empire would last another 1,000 years as the Byzantine Empire.

Gameplay featuresEdit

The Western Empire starts out as the largest nation in the game, instantly gaining the Largest Faction award. It also has the Largest Army, and if you convert the nation to Christ, it becomes the Dominant Religion in the game instead of Paganism. However Rome isn't on it's toes, most of the empire is losing population and angry beyond belief. The Alemanni, the Celts, the Berbers, and the Lombardi are all trying to kill you. The Cities and your family are of mixed religion and tensions are rising. Rebellion is expected, as are disloyal family members. It is recommended to exterminate the disloyal cities to lower the squalor. Once you defeat the rebellion and talk to the barbarians, the Empire can heal.

The Western Roman Empire's Initial Campaign CitiesEdit

  • Rome (Capital)
  • Mediolanium
  • Ravenna
  • Augusta Vindelicorum
  • Aquincum
  • Tarentum
  • Salona
  • Caralis
  • Carthage
  • Corduba
  • Carthago Nova
  • Tarraco
  • Salamantica
  • Burdigala
  • Avaricum
  • Samarobriva
  • Eburacum
  • Londinium
  • Colonia Agrippina
  • Carnuntum
  • Lepcis Magna
  • Arles
  • Massilia