Winter Clothes
Etw wc winter clothes
Prerequisite The Warpath Campaign DLC


Research Points Needed
Building Needed Games Field
Leads To None
Stream Military, Native
  • Makes units resistant to cold in battle
  • Enables building of Warrior Lodge
Winter Clothes is a Technology in Empire: Total War.


Unforgiving weather is no threat to victory when warriors are clad in heavy winter clothing.

Warriors cannot fight well in extreme weather conditions, and thick furs are the surest way to protect against the biting cold. Hunting skills directly aid the business of war, as plundered pelts will protect against unfriendly weather, much like they did for their original owners.

For the tribes of the Great Plains, buffalo were crucial to sustaining their way of life. Once a beast was killed, nothing was wasted: the bones made farming tools; the horns; cooking utensils; the bladder made a food bag; sinews could be used to string bows; even the poor creature's scrotum could be turned into a rattle! Buffalo hide was used for clothes, and the beard and hair for decoration. The buffalo was not only a feast, but provided the cutlery, storage facilities and a new cloak for the cooks!

General InformationEdit

Resistance to the elements is generally not a major factor in battle, but unlocking the ability to construct warrior lodges unlocks more units to train and technologies to research.