The Yamanouchi Clan is a minor faction in Total War: Shogun 2.

General InformationEdit

The Yamanouchi Clan is a vassal to the Uesugi Clan to the north. This gives non-Uesugi players a handy way to force hostilities on the Uesugi without involving other Uesugi allies. On the other hand, players controlling the Uesugi must confront the options of abandoning their vassal and taking the hits to diplomatic standing, or risk being dragged into unwanted wars.

The Yamanouchi Clan owns Kozuka, the province furthest to the east with philosophical traditions, making it a valuable target for invasion. When not playing against the Uesugi, however, declaring war on the Yamanouchi inevitably drags the Uesugi into a war as well.

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