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The Yellow Turban Rebellion was a peasant revolt in China against the Han Empire. The Rebellion forces are often stylized as the Yellow Turbans. The uprising broke out in 184 AD during the late year of the Han dynasty. Although the main rebellion was suppressed in a year by 185 AD, pockets of resistance continued and smaller new rebellions were started in later years. Thus, it took 21 years until the uprising was fully suppressed by 205 AD.

In the Total War: Three Kingdoms, Yellow Turban Rebellion is considered a sub-culture with respective faction leaders. The factions have unique unit roster and different tech trees in comparison to the factions in the base game.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Yellow Turbans' beliefs blend Taoism and shamanistic principles, and these spiritual aspects are a recurring theme throughout their faction gameplay. Many of their features relate to the three Taoist domains of Land, People and Heaven, or the Three Treasures (or virtues) of Taoism: Frugality, Compassion, and Humility.

Reflecting these concepts, the playable Yellow Turban factions are led by the characters He Yi (People), Gong Du (Land) and Huang Shao (Heaven). Each has their own playstyle and unique bonuses.

Yellow Turban factions construct a mix of adapted Han buildings and their own unique structures. Their technology tree is divided into three scrolls from the Book of Great Peace, each of which references the three Taoist domains and contains verses of Taoist scripture. It is structurally and mechanically very different from the default tech trees used by other factions.

Playable Yellow Turban factions improve their Faction Rank as their campaigns progress. These represent the journey to enlightenment, the achievement of The Great Peace, regaining the Mandate of Heaven, and appointing a just Emperor. Progression requires the player to study the verses in the Book of Great Peace, construct religious building in their settlements and improve the virtuous characteristics of the characters under their control.

Warlords[edit | edit source]

Unique Units[edit | edit source]

Melee[edit | edit source]

  • Peasant Spearman
  • Peasant Band
  • Yellow Turban Spearman
  • Yellow Turban Warriors
  • White Wave Veterans
  • White Wave Horsemen
  • Yellow Sky Heralds
  • Militia of Virtue
  • Reclaimers (Only Available to Yellow Turban Factions)
  • Scholar Warriors (Only Available to Yellow Turban Factions)

Ranged[edit | edit source]

  • Peasant Archers
  • Yellow Turban Archers
  • Men of the Forest
  • Archery Masters

Hybrid[edit | edit source]

  • Bringers of Righteousness (Bow/Glaive)

Yellow Turbans also have a choice to recruit a Captain rather than a general. Each captain generally has peasant infantry and, based on which captain, can have normal Yellow TurbaN units. Each Captain is like a garrison captain, which makes them normal units, but better, but not generals. It is generally advised to recruit Captains early in the game, as Elite units (units unlocked in reforms/Faction Specific Units) are generally not seen often. But in the middle & late game, it is advisable to replace these captains with a regular general.

Unique Generals[edit | edit source]

There are three unique generals that only Yellow Turban Factions are able to recruit, those being, Healer, Scholar, and Veteran.

Each general is a mix of normal Generals, for example, Healer's colours are green and red, which is a mix of Champion and Vanguard. Speaking of Healers, they, although their name, are generally good at engaging enemy troops, like a Vanguard, but are not good in duelling, which is contradictory, as one of the colours of Healers is green, which is the colour of a Champion, who is good at engaging other generals.

Scholars are a mix of Sentinel and Commander. They are generally best equipped with archers, however, normal infantry/cavalry is advised along with the archers. They generally have a high Cunning, which, as stated before, are good with ranged, an example is Huang Shao, a Yellow Turban action leader, who has Cunning as his second-highest base attribute, and is also a Scholar. Scholars can also be good in melee, however this depends on the abilities/traits, ancillaries and the character.

Veterans are best at duelling, however, they are bad at engaging troops. They have the colour of a Strategist and a Champion. They are best equipped with melee infantry or cavalry. An example of an amazing duellist is Pei Yuanshao, who is a veteran who starts off with Huang Shao. He has an unique ability tree that has Unyielding Earth, Wisdom of the River and other unlockable abilities that makes him perhaps a better duelist than even Zheng Jiang or Zhao Yun.

Unique Abilities[edit | edit source]

All Yellow Turban generals have unique abilities that no other Faction has. However, some Notable characters of Yellow Turban Factions may have abilities normal characters have, e.g. Pei Yuanshao has Wisdom of The River (a strategist can unlock this) and Unyielding Earth (a commander can unlock this).

Another "hybrid" Yellow Turban character is Huang Shao's "right hand man", He Man has a Sentinel's ability, a Champion's ability and a Yellow Turban Ability.

A normal Yellow Turban has abilities that resemble two strings tied in a knot. Like normal characters, the kind of abilities are based on what kind of character it is, Healer, Scholar or Veteran.

Some Examples are:

Knowledge of The Mind (Healers only) - Heals 63K for generals only.


Gallery[edit | edit source]

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