Total War THREE KINGDOMS - Zheng Jiang In-Engine Trailer

Total War THREE KINGDOMS - Zheng Jiang In-Engine Trailer

Zheng Jiang is a Chinese name; the family name is Zheng.
For the faction, see Zheng Jiang (faction).

Zheng Jiang is a playable and historical character featured in Total War: Three Kingdoms. She is a default leader and one of the Champion class heroes in her faction.


As the Han empire crumbles, Zheng Jiang only laughs as she sees an institution she hates go down in flames. They know nothing of hunger or fear, their power was given to them rather than earned. Zheng Jiang seizes her own glory through her merciless fury and unrelenting strength.

Zheng Jiang is a law unto herself, a fierce warrior who wants nothing more than to see the Han dynasty fall – no matter what the cost. As Zheng Jiang you must stay on the offensive – sitting back and relaxing is not something you can do as part of her campaign. Zheng Jiang is for players who want the challenge of striking out against the status quo, tearing through the realm on a tide of infamy that must not stop until you succeed.


As a faction leader, Zheng Jiang’s personal bonuses focus on quicker mustering time and increased income from tributaries. Zheng Jiang also has access to certain post-siege occupation options that enable her to loot and destroy on a grander scale than her peers.

Zheng Jiang loves to have power, and she also loves demonstrating it. She operates by subduing others and forcing them to pay tribute to her. As her faction resource infamy grows, Zheng Jiang's popularity decreases, making diplomacy more and more challenging as time progresses. On the other hand, infamy, the opposite of popularity, and the momentum it brings her is the key. She gains infamy from winning battles and striking settlements – but this will decay if she becomes too passive. Zheng Jiang must keep driving relentlessly forward or else she will lose the element of surprise and her rebellion will surely fail.

Infamy is earned by capturing settlements, winning battles, and having tributary states (which acknowledge her power by paying her money but are not bound to follow her into war). However, infamy automatically reduces over time, so Zheng Jiang can’t rest on her laurels – if she’s too passive for too long, her infamy will decrease. High infamy grants bonuses such as a higher morale in battle and higher character XP gain but most importantly it provides prestige points, which are required to increase Zheng Jiang's faction ranks and eventually proclaim herself empress of a new dynasty.

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Game progressionEdit

Starting positionEdit

TW3K Zheng Jiang-Start-Postion

Zheng Jiang starts out in the difficult terrain of the mountains, and at war with the neighbouring Dong Zhuo and Han empire. However, the remoteness of her starting position does provide a good refuge and relative safety – but eventually she must leave this and start conquering. As a bandit, she doesn't have any clear established allegiances or diplomatic alignments, meaning her fortune and future are hers alone to carve.

Initial DilemmaEdit

TW3K Zheng Jiang-Inital-dilemm

Zheng Jiang’s dilemma focuses on establishing dominance in the mountains, and provides a different angle on the clash between Yuan Shao and Gongsun Zan. As Zhang Yan enters the conflict, he calls on fellow bandit leaders for aid.

As Zheng Jiang, the player has the choice of joining up with Zhang Yan against Yuan Shao or instead denying his request and declaring war on him in an attempt to secure your own supremacy over the mountains.


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Zheng Jiang's existence is recorded in the Records of the Three Kingdoms. Her coming had allegedly been predicted by the scholar Liu Zhen in a dream, with renowned interpreter of dreams Zhou Xuan – said to be right nine times out of ten – warning him that female rebels would soon be at hand.

Dynasties and nobility mean nothing to Zheng Jiang: she prefers to seize glory in her own way. As the Han burns, she sees at last the crumbling of an institution she deeply despises – what have they ever known of hunger? What fear have they ever felt for corrupt and avaricious officials? Zheng Jiang has never known the ease of a noble upbringing, nor the expectation of "civilized" society. Instead, she is resolved to earn fame and prestige for herself through merciless fury and unrelenting strength.

Unlike some of her fellow bandits, Zheng Jiang is driven by a true political agenda: she wants to see the Han dynasty burn and fall at her hands. She thrives on this vision, relishing her rise to power and the chance to put the old oppressors under her boot to give them a taste of their own medicine.[1]


TW3K Zheng Jiang-GUANXI
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Zheng Jiang begins the campaign with Lu Zheng as her sworn sister and second in command. Together they fight to bring down the corrupt Han regime and give power back to the people. Congqian is another general under her commander but two don't seem to get along.

With no other real allies to speak of, over time Zheng Jiang must focus on building up a following of loyal ringleaders who exercise her rule and ideas. Perhaps her biggest challenge is building up a dynasty and line of succession, with a clear candidate for this not immediately evident.

While it is tradition for children to take the name of the father’s family, Zheng Jiang refuses to follow the Han’s rules – in her faction, children are named after their mother.


  • According to the official historical record of the Three Kingdoms period, Records of the Three Kingdoms, Lady Zheng and Lady Jiang were two female bandits based in the mountains of Northern China.
  • Grace Carroll, developer from The Creative Assembly, explains that Zheng Jiang is an intriguing character to develop with from a research perspective, as records differ as to whether a single person or two people carried the name.
    • The development team decided to combine Zheng and Jiang into one single person, and added a fictional female character Lu Zheng as her second-in-command. [2]
  • Zheng Jiang's nickname and the title given by The Creative Assembly is same, since her doesn't have any recorded nickname in history.



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