Starting positionEdit

TW3K Zheng Jiang-Start-Postion

Zheng Jiang starts out in the difficult terrain of the mountains, and at war with the neighbouring Dong Zhuo and Han empire. However, the remoteness of her starting position does provide a good refuge and relative safety – but eventually she must leave this and start conquering. As a bandit, she doesn't have any clear established allegiances or diplomatic alignments, meaning her fortune and future are hers alone to carve.

Initial DilemmaEdit

TW3K Zheng Jiang-Inital-dilemm

Zheng Jiang’s dilemma focuses on establishing dominance in the mountains, and provides a different angle on the clash between Yuan Shao and Gongsun Zan. As Zhang Yan enters the conflict, he calls on fellow bandit leaders for aid.

As Zheng Jiang, the player has the choice of joining up with Zhang Yan against Yuan Shao or instead denying his request and declaring war on him in an attempt to secure your own supremacy over the mountains.

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